Unemployed and Want To Work?


Fed up!

Hard up!

Want to work?!

Tried finding any help you can get and still nothing?!




Well, welcome to In-Touch Access, a new web-based community where you can look for work, advertise jobs, start your own small business, advertise work that you can do yourself, and so much more! You can seek tradespeople for small jobs or even advertise yourself for casual labouring!  As our site grows so will the job opportunities, we hope to one day be able to offer job opportunities worldwide, and with your support, we can make that a reality. The employment section of our site is where you can Access these services. The Community Section of our site is where people can make new contacts/ friends, and keep In-Touch, give each other help or advice on work/employment, use private messaging to talk to your online contacts or even arrange a get together for a day/night out in the In-Touch community where you can create your own event notice or post on your friends' walls. The Gaming Section of our site allows you Access to a collection of old and new games, ranging from the great classics to the fresh & new, to keep you amused and give you a little break from all the job hunting.




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